Monday, January 30, 2012

Week 4 Photo Challenge of Self Portrait Leads to Online Photo Editing Sites

This past week's photo challenge was to take a self portrait.  I of course waited till the 11th hour, as I had a very busy week this past week, including a presentation on photo organizing at a local public library!  However, that's another topic altogether!

Pop art
I decided to try out Photo Booth to take my self portrait.  My daughter is on there all the time with her friends, and they are constantly playing with effects that range from comic book and pop art, to twirl, dent, stretch and more.  If you've played with this at all, you know that you can take a picture of yourself right at your computer and then change up your photo with some pretty interesting (and not so flattering effects).  I personally don't want my face stretched into odd contortions so I tried out pop art and comic book.  I can see why the kids enjoy this so much, although I don't see myself playing with this site all that often.
Original picture

Then I got curious about other online editing sites.  I googled "online photo editing sites" and quite a few came up.  One of the links that showed up was: 28 Online Photo Editing Websites To have Fun With!  Picnik was listed, so I took a photo of my kids (my Christmas card picture actually) and tried out some of their tools. There were a lot of different effects to pick from! I could definitely see myself using some of these sites from time to time. Picnik is moving its photo editing tools to Google + as of April 19th, but in the meantime you can still play with its site.  Check out a few of the effects I tried!  

Pencil sketch
Have you tried out any online editing sites? What did you think? Which ones did you like?

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