Thursday, January 26, 2012

More camera toys for this gadget girl!

Writing my last blog about Photojojo's camera toys got me excited about adding another toy (or two) to my collection.  Although I go on Photojojo's site quite a bit, I haven't purchased anything new in a while.  Unfortunately for me, the Wide Angle & Macro Lens Adapter that I was planning to buy is no longer available!  Not to be dissuaded from getting some new toys, I found something else to try out.

I ordered the Photorito Lens Wrap, which I am thinking will be great for those times when I am without my camera bag, and I need to tote a lens in my purse.  That's a practical purchase though (I need to keep my lens safe), and I really wanted something fun to try out.  So, I also ordered a Lens set for my cell phone.  Now this looks like it could really be comes with a macro, fisheye and telephoto lens!  They attach with a magnetic ring.

Best of all, my order already shipped!  Along with my tracking number, I got this nice note.  "We hope our box of photo goodies brightens your day and brings you super photo happiness."  I hope so too!  What a nice way to end an email.  Photojojo does a nice job of customer service in addition to bringing photo happiness!  I'm even more excited now to get my next package.  I'll keep you posted!

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