Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Photo a Week

Every year I think about doing a Project 365, where you take one photo each day to document your year.  While I love the idea, realistically I know it won’t happen for me.  I’ll forget one day and then be disappointed and give up on my project. So I decided that a better goal for me to start with is one picture a week...Project 52.

Most weeks I take more than one picture; some weeks I take hundreds.  But when I look back at my photos from 2011, most of them revolve around my kids’ sports, holidays, vacations, or fun activities.  It definitely adds up to a lot of digital photos!  But I’d like to have more photos of our “everyday” life. 

I took tons of “everyday” life photos when the kids were little…as they’ve gotten older, I find myself documenting less of those moments.  So my New Year’s Photo Resolution is one photo a week, motivating me to take photos of moments that might otherwise be forgotten.

My plan is to store these photos on Linea, and add my journaling in.  At the end of the year, I might just do an album of my 52 “everyday” moment photos!

Anyone care to join me and document more of your "everyday" moments?

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