Thursday, January 19, 2012

Lost Lens Caps a Thing of the Past

How often do you lose your lens cap?  I've lost more than I can count.  After purchasing numerous replacements, I tried using those lens cap keepers with elastic that goes around the lens and an adhesive piece that attaches to the lens cap.  Those worked pretty good...until the adhesive wore off.  I continued to lose lens caps...just at a little slower rate.

The last time I lost my lens cap, I mulled over my options.  Should I order extra lens caps to have on hand when I lose them?  Should I order extra of those lens cap keepers with the adhesive?  I've gone through my fair share of both.  I really don't like being without my lens cap, but I also don't like wasting money.  Plus, when you're without a lens cap to keep your lens safe when you aren't shooting, you're risking damage to the lens.  What's a shutterbug to do?

Luckily for me, I discovered a company called Hufa.  Hufa makes a handy little lens cap holder that you can attach to your camera strap.  You can slide your lens cap in and it stays put securely.  We've used it out and about, as well as while skiing, and with several different size lens caps.  It works great!  I now have one on both of my camera straps, and I am going to be putting one on my daughter's camera strap as well.  As luck would have it, she just lost her first lens cap!  I'm hoping it will be her last.  I haven't lost one since I purchased the Hufa Lens Cap Clip!

Have you ever lost your lens cap?  Have you found a product that you like that helps you keep track of it?  Share it with us!

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