Friday, March 23, 2012

Technology...a blessing or a curse?

Technology is a blessing and a curse.  On one hand, consider how far we've come.  When digital cameras were first introduced in 1997, skeptics said they wouldn't last.  There was nothing wrong with film technology.  It worked just fine.  I know I didn't run out and buy a new digital camera!  It took me years to switch over.  But the critics were wrong.   Today, most households own a digital camera of some sort, especially since most phones now have a digital camera.

The reason digital is so successful?  Digital pictures are instant gratification!  You can see the picture as soon as you take it and you can decide whether to delete or save.   We can delete the bad hair days, the unfortunate moments, the bloopers.  That brings up another point doing this, are we re-writing what our family history actually looks like?  I guess thats food for thought, but I have to say I do like the freedom digital gives me!

On the other hand, technology can also be a curse.  We're a society of innovators and that means our technology changes at an amazing pace.  Every time technology changes, we have to decide whether or not to re-record.  If we don't, we risk losing the data.  

Consider our old home movies on various formats that we can't watch in their current format anymore.  In all likelihood, we'll convert them to DVD.  But in 30 years, we probably won't be able to read those with our computers either.  So if you want to preserve those memories for future generations, just be prepared to re-record every time technology changes.

So, what are your thoughts on technology?  Love it?  Wish it would slow down?  I'd love to hear from you!

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