Monday, March 19, 2012

Attend a seminar near you on photo organizing!

Do you have boxes of printed photos tucked away in closets?  Digital photos all over the computer?  Old home movies, memorabilia and children's artwork?  For most of us, trying to figure out the best way to deal with all of this is simply too overwhelming, so we leave it for another day.

If this sounds familiar to you, maybe I can help.  For the next few months, I'll be criss-crossing the Northeast, teaching the ABC's of photo organizing as well as offering tips, techniques and product suggestions that will help you preserve, share, and get those photos back into your life where you can enjoy them!  If you don't live in the Northeast, one of my colleagues across the US or Canada may be able to help...we're on a mission to educate the public on the easiest way to organize their photo collections and where to get help if you need it!

We're passionate about helping people preserve their memories and tell their stories.  To find an event near you, click on the word "Events" at the top of my website.  I'll be updating these events regularly.  Don't put this off for another day...join us for one of our talks and learn how you can conquer your photo collections!

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